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Letter to the Host

Dear Host / Hostess:

We’re delighted that you are considering hosting a wine and charity event for us.  This is a privilege that we highly respect and appreciate and our thanks go to you in advance.

Many times when people think of having a tasting, the thought that comes to mind is a lot of work and expense.  We at Wines for Humanity want to make sure that neither one of those thoughts will be a concern for you.  A standard question is “What do I need to do or prepare?”  Rule #1 should be to make it as enjoyable and stress free for yourself as possible.  We’ll bring the following to the event:


  • Wines
  • Pens    
  • 16 glasses
  • Wine menu
  • Discharge bucket

What we’d like to see from you is 1 or 2 tables where we can display our hostess items as well as wine accessories.

It’s a good idea to have some crackers and cheese to cleanse the palate between wines.  Here are a few easy tips that you may want to follow:


  • Mozzarella for light whites
  • Gouda for richer whites
  • Havarti for light reds
  • Colby or Cheddar for heavier reds

We’ll bring a selection of different wines which will go from light white to rich red.  If you want to go into appetizers, we’d be more than happy to assist you with our recommendations.  However, this isn’t necessary for a good wine tasting.  Remember, we want it to be as easy for you as possible and concentrate on the people and a good time.  In addition to that, we’d like you to invite us back again because of the enjoyable time everyone had.

We also have invitation cards available for you to send out to your friends.  You may choose your own form of communication, such as Evites or your own personal notes.  Again, we’d be more than happy to assist you in any way we can.

Some of your friends will come because of the wine aspect and the fun element.  Others will like the fact that a certain amount of the proceeds will go to the prevention of homelessness for families with children.  Then again, others will want to attend because of both.  Whatever the reason might be, it will be a great time for friends to get together over a glass of wine, some easy to understand wine tidbits and doing something great for humanity!